New Capital Markets Platform
blockchain secured


We connect Issuer and Investor in one digital, blockchain* based market place. Here you can find all relevant information at a glance.

In this way we digitalize both the Issuing- and Documentation-Processes.

* Dealfabrix uses low energy technology which even reduces energy consumption compared to a paper driven process.

We issue paperless

We were the first mover with a paperless Schuldschein-Transaction in autumn 2018.

This means not only less waste of paper, but brings along a more efficient, faster and more convenient experience for the user.

Who we are

In CEE we are a key player for issuing high value assets to a broad range of customers. It is our mission to contribute to growth and prosperity in our region. That implies the strengthening of capital markets and digitalisation is an essential part of this development.

Dealfabrix provides easier access to capital and funding for companies of all sizes and a more efficient and transparent process for investors. The platform uses state of the art tech, is blockchain secured and allows a completely paperless user journey for all parties involved.

Become part of Dealfabrix and participate in this exciting new way of thinking!