Platform for issuing SSD and Syndicated Loans

Finance and invest – paperless and blockchain secured.

SSD and Syndicated Loans provide you with access to the capital markets.  

Even regional oriented companies are often facing global competition. Efficient access to financing opportunities on the capital markets can make all the difference and is an advantage you do not have to go without any longer.


Financing via Dealfabrix – Advantages

  • Issuing via Dealfabrix provides you with a broader investor base and can help freeing up lines with your bank. 
  • Execution within seconds rather than days.
  • In addition these investors enable larger volumes
  • A Dealfabrix-Transaction connects you with international capital markets and can be the basis for your next period of growth

Syndicated Loans and SSD have become important instruments in modern corporate financing. Dealfabrix is an innovative way to be part of this development and our legal experts were honored at the Financial Times Innovative Lawyer Award 2019 for their work on the platform.  

Of course we look across borders and already launched one transaction under German jurisdiction, reflecting our stance that Dealfabrix is a constantly evolving, international story. 




We connect companies to investors and make sure the process – even and especially for first time issuers – is secure and manageable. 

Another advantage of the platform is speed and the online-availability of all documents. 

Investing via Dealfabrix

SSD and syndicated loans are an interesting alternative for investors, especially in the current low-interest environment

Our blockchain tech enables a quick, simple and paperless process, since all documents are on the platform and all interaction is digitalised. What used to take days and weeks is now happening within a few clicks.  

SSD and Syndicated loans have become integrated parts of the international capital markets. Dealfabrix offers a modern way to be part of this development. 



One-Click Trading

Dealfabrix enables One-Click-Investing. Plus our investors cherish transparent documentation and a paperless process. 

About Dealfabrix

“Seconds instead of days: Austro-Insurances invest in blockchain.” ( 

“ASFINAG, first paperless SSD-issuance on block chain platform.” (BOND GUIDE) 

“Seconds instead of days: Austro-Insurances invest in blockchain.” ( 


We believe that capital markets opening up is especially important for SMEs and crucial for their ability to compete in a global economy. 

We think blockchain technology is an important part of this development, providing market participants with two essential factors when it comes to business: transparency and trust

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